PHOTOS: 2015 Berktoberfest in Pittsfield.

The 2015 Berktoberfest in Pittsfield is underway at the McKay Street parking lot with beers, ciders, t-shirts, local foods and more.

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PHOTOS: Lee vs. Taconic football

Lee plays Taconic in football at Lee High School.

PHOTOS: NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson visits Mahaiwe

NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson speaks to local students at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center. Friday, Oct. 2, 2015.

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PHOTOS: Work begins at Veterans War Memorial Tower on Mount Greylock

A groundbreaking ceremony Thursday officially began the renovation project for the War Memorial Tower at the summit of Mount Greylock.

PHOTOS: Giant hive of honey bees found in wall of Pittsfield Furniture

After almost two days of removals, many of the roughly 100,000 honey bees living in a giant beehive found in the wall of an upper floor at Pittsfield Furniture still remain in the original hive as members of the Northern Berkshire Beekeepers Association work on the safe removal and transfer of the honey bee colony to man-made hives. According to beekeeper Richard Clapper, the hive is by far the largest wild beehive he has ever seen.

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PHOTOS: Huge crowds at Keene High School to see Trump

Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, discusses details on his tax plan, cutting taxes for the lower-wage workers, his plan to bring jobs back, and unveils his plan send Syrian refugees back to Syria, during a town hall meeting at Keene High School on Wednesday, Sept. 30. Trump demonstrates his position as the front-runner in current polls by filling a gymnasium and auditorium.

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