PHOTOS: Protestors picket but Kelly Miller Circus draws crowds

Though protestors line the streets picketing against animal cruelty in circuses, the Kelly Miller Circus at the Dalton American Legion gets off to a good start, with many visitors filling the stands in the big top to watch the circus' opening performance.

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PHOTOS: DEP visit to Berkshire Community College soccer fields

The Department of Environmental Protection visited the Berkshire Community College soccer fields with concerned parties to examine drainage issues associated with building a turf field, Tuesday, July 6, 2015.

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PHOTOS: Pittsfield shooting investigation

Pittsfield and State Police in Pittsfield investigate two shooting scenesaround Linden Street and Robbins Avenue. As of this posting, it is unclear how the two scenes are related but they are in close proximity of each other. Sunday July 5, 2015.

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PHOTOS: July Fourth 5K Race and Parade in Pittsfield

The annual Fourth of July parade marches up North Street in the rain in Pittsfield.

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PHOTOS: Habitat for Humanity volunteers rehab home quickly for fire victims

Volunteers gather on their July 4 holiday to rehabilitate a home Habitat for Humanity home in Pittsfield. Though work on the house was scheduled to begin in the fall, the family that was to receive it was displaced from their home by a fire on June 23. Habitat for Humanity has since pushed up the timeline, calling volunteers to help renovate the home on Von Nida Ave. in the coming weeks.

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PHOTOS: Talking Bench dedication at Shakespeare & Co. in Lenox

Garden volunteers at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox spearheaded and effort to construct a 'talking bench' for the grounds' Shakespeare Garden. Visitors can push buttons on a computerized console to hear company actors spout famous lines of the Bard's verse.