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PHOTOS: Shop owner spreads word to protect Florida Mountain Turnips

Posted Nov 13, 2013

By Holly Pelczynski | Berkshire Eagle Staff

Jerrid Burdick is a local of the Berkshires and the owner of Tux Express. His family, who lives on Florida Mountain, farms turnips. His family, along with many neighbors, grow turnips and sell them for the holidays. Unfortunately, there are some businesses in the area claiming to be buying and selling local Florida Mountain turnips. But, in fact, the turnips are not at all grown or bought in Florida. Burdick, along with many others, are trying to protect the Florida turnips legacy and shine some light on the situation.

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One Response to “PHOTOS: Shop owner spreads word to protect Florida Mountain Turnips”

  1. reallyseriouslyberkshires says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong. but if these people are selling food items out of their clothing shop, aren’t there state regulations or licensing required to sell food to the general public out of a retail space. At the very least, I would think a public health inspection of the establishment would be necessary to ensure the safety of the food before it’s sold

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